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Lipo Sonix

LipoSonix is a completely non-invasive body contouring device that has been purchased by Solta Medical and recently FDA cleared in the US. LipoSonix is powered with high-intensity ultrasound energy which is delivered through a hand-piece that is placed over the patient's abdomen and/or flanks to target and destroy fat. Lipo Sonix is recommended for patients who lead healthy lifestyles, are near or at ideal body weight but have some excess fat (approximately 2.5cm or 1 inch) around the abdomen area. According to the manufacturer, 91% of patients in a recent clinical study reported improved abdominal flatness but individual results will vary. Unlike other non-invasive body contouring procedures which require several treatments, Lipo Sonix claims that only 1 hour long treatment is necessary to see results, in most cases up to 1 dress or pants size difference.

Liposonix is a good laser fat removal also known as laser lipolysis.

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These are actual testimonials from patients that the above pictures are with...

I am a fit mom who couldn't get rid of a tiny bit...

I am a fit mom who couldn't get rid of a tiny bit of muffin top. After having babies- it just didnt hang the same-I decided to give liposonix a try. I am SO glad I did! The differance is incredible. My flanxs are smooth and there is NO bulge anymore. The process was painful but 100% worth it. So happy

I decided to do Liposonix 3 weeks ago. I’m about...

I decided to do Liposonix 3 weeks ago. I’m about 5’2, 115 lbs. I work out an average of 3-4x a week for about an hour. But no matter how much I work out, that belly pooch never goes away!! I had 12 squares done (my front abdomen & flanks). The doctor did 3 passes at 50 jules each.

I absolutely recommend using the meds! Most of the time the pain was tolerable, but there were times where I just wanted to quit!! It felt like thousands of bee stings plus the heat. I didn’t bruise until the 3rd day (very little bruising) and lasted for about a week and a half. The next day after my procedure I was very sore. To this day I’m still a bit sore at some parts…just comes and goes.

I’m very excited to see the final results. They say it should take 8-12 weeks. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will have further improvement.

I never could lose the "pooch" I developed over the last 10 years. I exercised and watched what I ate. I even went vegan for 3 months! I lost weight but the lower body fat just stubbornly would never go away. I didn't think anything would ever make a difference.

I decided to give Dr. Lee's Liposonix a try and I could not be more pleased. As you can see from the photos that Dr. Lee's office took, I had substantial results. I lost 2 inches in one month and they tell me that my results will be even better after 2-3 months. I had my lower abs and love handles treated and I am very happy with the results.

I'm an active, athletic mother of two who works out four times a week doing crossfit, yoga and running. I also maintain a healthy diet low on carbs and high on protein. Despite this strict diet and regular exercise, I could not get rid of the area in the lower part of my abdomen. I wanted to do something to help but was not interested in surgery or liposuction. My dermatologist advertised Liposonix in the office and I decided to give it a try. I like the fact that the procedure was one time and would yield results. It was certainly not a painless procedure. Even though I was given two shot to help with the discomfort, I still felt it. The after care was easy and I was able to return to my normal activity the next day. I had mild bruising for a couple of months which they warned me would happen. It took about ten weeks for me to see results, but the pockets of fat that I could not exercise away eventually did flatten and disappear. I would recommend the treatment if you are in generally good shape, need to get rid of a small area of fat and can stand a little pain.